the perception of the concrete

Places, people we meet, our perceptions are mutually dependent, are individual and embedded in time. They turn into memories, which are not available at any time, which are popping up randomly, which are telling their stories, sometimes even a new story.

Presumably, I got going with these songs due to Covid 19.

Sure I know, this music would never have been possible without Charlie Parker.

Bustle on Brooklyn Bridge

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on a sunny day in November 2019.Shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of other people.

Nobody had a notion what was about to come.

Brooklyn 2019                              Video by Leon Horn, NYC 2021

Compliments of Charlie M

The day before I was about to go on a trip to Chemnitz, this little motif  I play at the beginning of the song entered my mind. It was supposed to be the inception of the “the perception of the concrete“ compilation.

Chemnitz 2021

Walkin’ Single File

After being taught how to walk single file on the streets of Harlem by our lovely tour guide Amanda, we finally reached an extraordinary  venue. Located in the basement of an ordinary apartment building, no signs at the door. Great live music, soul food, beer and wine 4$. Cheers.

Harlem, Nov. 2019

venice b

LA never attracted me, but it did, all the more so, a beloved one. So it became a familiar place full of precious family life.

Los Angeles 2009-present

Last Call?

Since I'm from Bavaria I was used to being kicked out at closing time, never happened in Berlin .

Kreuzberg 1985

Sex on Kraut

Howdy! Ever had sex on kraut? Me neither. It's just a stupid malapropism.

But seriously, hanging out at the notorious KOMM was cool for a fifteen years old.

Nürnberg 1980

Don’t go there

I asked that guy at the reception "how can we get to Harlem" and with his soft voice he said "don't go there, they will kill you.“

What a jokester.

Manhattan 1994